a canine’s views

From today’s Runner’s World Daily:

I just read my owner’s latest Runner’s World article on dog breeds best suited for a running partner and as a highly fit and trained dachshund, am greatly offended by your omission of my breed in your recommendations. I have personally spent a great deal of my life in training and running, primarily on anaerobic training and short distance racing. While I spend most of my efforts on sprints — to the car door, my food bowl, and chasing birds on the beach and crumbs on the kitchen floor — I am capable of intermediate distance training.

For example, I spend what seems to be hours of running around the house after my toys, the brain-dead cat and my humans. My aerobic base is conveniently done while I nap — I take several hours at a time chasing intruders and wild beasts in my sleep. So while a great deal of attention was given to those long-legged breeds, please consider the short-legged breeds when you amend your article in the future.

I was considering discussing with my human canceling her subscription to RW but it is a great magazine to shred when I get left alone.

Ziggy the Dachshund