challenging run

Today’s run was only so so. Running is soooo mental. At about the five-minute mark (ten minutes if you count the warm up), my body just screams at me to slow down. My muscles are tired (though not overly so) and my heart and lungs are working hard. Surely all the other runners out there can relate to this. At that point it’s just totally mental! It’s your mind choosing to run even though your body doesn’t want to.

I have never been a runner. In school, I was the kid who finished last, who was picked last, who was the least athletic of the class. I was NOT the kid who played a sport or who did anything athletic whatsoever. So it’s just this huge wall for me to get over. It’s so hard for me to push through that, and so far I haven’t succeeded too often. It feels good when I do but it hasn’t happened much. Yet.

Today I maxed out at 5-minute intervals. A good run but much less than two days ago, and much less than I hoped for earlier this week.