self lacing shoes?

Not surprisingly, Nike has patented them.

But I just can’t see them coming into frequent use among athletes. To me they look bulky, heavy, just not comfortable. Plus they don’t look like they allow much leeway in terms of tension- a definite problem if you like to wear your shoes a little tighter or a little looser than average.

Speaking of tension, I wonder how the shoe knows when it needs to stop tightening. Could this cut off the circulation to the foot?

These almost remind me of the old “air jordan” shoes, which were a big deal when I was in school. They were definitely the fad, and everyone had to have one. But in terms of their quality as an athletic shoe- well, Air Jordans were just pretty average. Most people who trained competitively or seriously, though, preferred something that was much more specifically designed.

I would imagine these shoes will be the same way. They will be the “cool” thing to own but they will not be useful for the serious athlete.