swimming and the KC zoo run

Today I just had a light workout. 500m swimming. I wasn’t even planning to work out at all, so I was happy with that.

When I was at the gym, there was an adult woman in the pool who was clearly mentally disabled. (don’t worry, there was someone else with her.) She didn’t bother me at all- there weren’t many other people in the pool so there was plenty of room for all of us. But it was really interesting to watch her. She was full of what I can only describe as a childlike, pure joy. She was jumping and splashing and just loving the water for the sake of loving it. She wasn’t worried about getting her form right, or going farther or faster. It was inspirational, really.

I’m looking at possibly signing up for the Kansas City Zoo run in two weeks. http://www.kansascityzoorun.org/

It’s been a busy day and I don’t have anything close to the amount of time for blogging that I would like. Hopefully I’ll be able to update tomorrow.