treadmill and santa-cali-gon

Wow, I’m exhausted tonight.

I went to the gym and did a personal best tonight. Woohoo! I ran for 25 minutes solid (plus warm up and cool down), totaling 25 minutes, on a treadmill at the gym. It felt fantastic and even felt easy for a time! Towards the end, I was ready to be done, but still that’s a HUGE improvement over where I started- barely able to run one minute.

This evening, my parents and I drove up to Santa-Cali-Gon, our local festival celebrating our history as the starting point of the Santa Fe, California, and Oregon trails. We had lots of fun, ate a little bit of festival food, and did quite a bit of walking. The weather was beautiful!

Now tonight I’m just WORN OUT! My legs are so tired- just totally done in! But at the same time, I feel strong and I’m so proud of all I accomplished today.