lazy labor day

I will probably not be running or doing any other sort of workout today. What can I say? It’s a holiday!

We ate a late lunch/early dinner (around 3pm). Since it’s a special holiday, we cooked hamburgers, as well as deviled egg’s and my mother’s amazing potato salad. I ate a lot of potato salad- it’s really just that good. But since the time was off and I ate a big meal, I’m still feeling a bit heavy. Good reason to stay home!

Ironically, today’s “big meal” is still quite a bit smaller than the meals I ate before I started running. It feels like running has shrunk my stomach- I just can’t handle as much food as before!

It’s a good day to be lazy and just hang out at home with my family- especially since I can consider this a “recovery” day! There’s always plenty of work to be done, and tomorrow I’ll be back on the run!