sore legs, sore butt

I survived this morning’s run, but barely! (at least it feels that way!)

This morning I ran out to an old hospital in my neighborhood, did a few laps around it, then back home. I woke up early and went for a run early- yay me! I ran intervals- 3 minutes running with 1 minute rest. Though I will confess to slipping in an extra 30 seconds rest towards the end!

I ran past an elementary school just as the buses were leaving. I made a game of waving to each bus driver and seeing how many waved back. Two bus drivers waved back. At least a half dozen did not wave back- I lost count!

Originally I was planning to loop around a certain long block on the way out to the hospital (+0.75mile) and loop again on the way back, but I just totally forgot- I reached the hospital and was thinking, wow I feel pretty good, that’s not bad for a mile and a half- then I realized I felt so good because I’d forgotten half of that mile and a half. So instead, I ran circles around the hospital. Not my favorite way to run but, it works, and it’s an easy way to gain distance.

Mostly I’m just glad that I survived the pounding on the roads. It’s soooo mental- for whatever reason, I’ve grown accustomed to running on a treadmill until the timer reaches a certain number, but it’s a lot different to run on a street/track and I need to adjust to that. Today’s 3-minute intervals were really quite good, considering my skill level, and I’m pleased with that.

Total: I ran 3.5 miles in 48 minutes.