rest day

No running today. Gotta listen to the legs.

Tomorrow, at some point during the day, I’m going to visit Kmart and/or Walmart. Ooh, and maybe Sears and Old Navy. I need to “resupply” my stock of running clothes. Until now, I’ve been using old tshirts and shorts. Even my sportsbras were bought when I was in high school, and they’re showing their age. I have purchased two pairs of cotton running shorts, both of which were super-cheap at Walmart.

Among wanna-be distance runners, I am probably odd in that I am just so, so cheap, and I’m very hesitant to invest in anything that costs much. Seriously. There’s lots of talk about “technical” fabric, shirts and shorts made from that. But I just don’t like the idea of spending $20 or $30 on a pair of technical shorts, when I can get a pair of (cotton) shorts for $5. Maybe as I run farther and farther, I’ll start to want that. Hey, if I continue running farther and farther, I will happily reward myself with that. But until then, I’m sticking with the cheap stuff.

I feel the same way about running shoes vs. sneakers. Right now, I’m alternating two pairs of sneakers. The first pair, I got a little over two years ago, before I visited England the first time. I don’t remember how much they cost- probably $30 or so? They’re rapidly approaching retirement but still have several good miles left in them. The second pair I bought at Sears for $40 in August. Both pairs are Reeboks (because that’s what seemed to fit well and what was on sale). I’ve read such good things about running shoes, and part of me really would like to get a pair. But they just cost so, so much! My “sneakers” seem to be working well- no blisters or black toenails yet! and that’s a lot of money to invest in shoes that may not be an improvement.

Anyway. Tomorrow, I run. No idea yet how far I will go or how far I want to go. I’ll let you know.