circadian rhythms, today’s run

Present but not accounted for… that’s how I feel.

I am a night owl. Always have been, probably always will be. It’s not that I don’t enjoy getting up early, but it’s very hard, and I also struggle to go to bed early.

I’ve managed a couple of early morning runs, and quite frankly, I really enjoyed them. But early morning runs are just really  hard for a night owl like me!

This morning I managed to get up early and run (reasonably) early in the morning. And that was good. But I’m soooo tired now! I’m hoping I can reset my internal clock so that I will be able to start getting through some early morning runs. Right now, though, I’m just… bleh. I want to go take a nap but I know if I fall asleep now I’ll never fall asleep tonight. I can barely focus on anything at all because I’m so tired. Ugh. I can’t seem to form a clear thought.

This morning, it was HUMID. So humid that for most of my run, it was FOGGY. For some insane reason, I chose a route that included the steepest hills in the neighborhood. Between the hills and the humidity, I was just wiped out very quickly. I managed a decent distance and time, but it was SLOW and I wound up walking a lot more than I would have liked.

Tomorrow I’m considering using my PaperFeet sandals instead of my sneakers. Today I wore my newer shoes and was surprised to feel my toes banging against the toe box. I’m not sure what that means long term, but it’s definitely something I need to figure out.

Also- today I wore a workout tank top for the first time. I loved it. It was so much cooler and more comfortable. It was also a racerback-style tank which again, I liked! However, I don’t like the way these clothes are cut to hug the body. I am not so skinny that I can show off my midsection, if you know what I mean! I will probably start doing lots of crunches and other abdominal exercises, to help tone those muscles. Hopefully I can also find more of these tanks in the right size for myself!

I also test-drove an armband and pouch that I sewed yesterday, to carry things like a phone, wallet, or car keys, while I’m running. It will definitely be useful for races and other athletic events. Not sure if I will use it for my daily runs or not. I will post more about this later- I am very pleased with my little creation!

Oh and by the way: I ran 3.6 miles in 58 minutes today.

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