my diy arm band pocket

One major challenge I’ve discovered with running has been finding a way to carry my possessions on my runs. The bare-bones necessities, for me, are an mp3 player and a house key or car key. Ideally, I would also like to carry identification, a wallet or money, and my cell phone.

I’ve found several places online where you can buy fuel belts, waist packs, or armband packs. However, being the cheap sort that I am, I just couldn’t stomach the cost of these premade packs. So, I pulled out an old pair of jeans and created my own.

I used one of the back pockets from the jeans, as well as couple of pieces of denim from one of the legs.

This is the back view. The black strip is an arm band that I had laying around, that I had received with a skin or something that I had ordered on Ebay. You can buy one just like it on Ebay pretty cheap- only about $1. Or you can make your own- just get a strip of elastic, about two inches wide. Sew a D-ring on one end and velcro on the other. (see below)

Hopefully this picture gives you a good idea of how the arm band works. Loop it through the ring, and the velcro holds it in place.

This shows the pack with a key, mp3 player, and wallet. It’s seriously huge- plenty of room for all that and more. The top part is a flap that folds over the pockets. I still need to attach velcro to the flap and the pockets so that the pouch will stay closed, even while it is bouncing when I am running.

This picture shows the double-pouch design. The front pocket (on the bottom-right in the photo) is the jeans pocket. The back pocket is larger and is made from another piece of denim that I attached to the back of the jeans pocket.

I gave it a test-run today, and I’m incredibly pleased. This pack is larger than I expected, so there’s plenty of  room for all my things. It doesn’t slide off when I run. Obviously it’s not waterproof, but it really did not get too sweaty. Plus even if it did get sweaty- you could just throw it into the laundry and wash it! Let me know if you are interested and I will post step-by-step instructions so you can make one of your own!