transcendentalism, race time, personal best

This afternoon has been so strange. Wonderfully strange.

After I came home from the race, I fixed lunch and posted a recap of the race. Since then I’ve been just… resting. I can’t explain it. I’m tired enough that I can’t focus on much, but it’s okay. I’m just filled with this strange combination of total exhaustion and total jubilation.

It’s fantastic. The only way I can describe it is that it’s like transcendental. Beyond anything I’ve felt before. Amazing.

This evening I was able to access the chip time results. That’s pretty phenomenal too…

Location Race Time Time of Day Overall Place Division Place Sex Place
Time 58:44 9:33:23 1285/1532 170/197 796/995
ChipStart 2:24 8:34:39 1187/1532 139/197 759/995
GunStart 00:00 8:32:16

I know this probably doesn’t make sense to a lot of people so let me explain…

I ran 4 miles in 58 minutes and 44 seconds.

That’s a pace of 14:41 per mile.

That’s freaking awesome! and a personal best for me! by a LOT!