hanging-on days

I won’t lie. A huge part of the reason I run is that it really lifts my mood.

At this point, it’s definitely not because I just love to work hard or be sweaty (although I’m getting there). It’s not because running is easy for me (it’s not). It’s not even because I enjoy the time away from work (although that is nice). There are times when I have to really fight that voice in my head that tells me to quit, it’s not worth it, I don’t really need it, that kind of thing. Worse yet is the voice that tells me to quit because I can’t do it- that I’ve never been a runner and that I can’t succeed as a runner.

It is hard sometimes to not compare myself to others. I am slow, and I know I’m slow. Though I know that is okay, rationally, it’s hard to read about other people who are faster than me- especially “average joes” like myself, and ESPECIALLY “average joes” who have been at it longer or progressed faster than me, and who are are at a point ahead of where I am. I admit it! I’m impatient!

Oh well. As hard as it is, running has been good to me. I’ve gained muscle. I’ve become healthier. I’ve met some really nice people. And I’m not quitting.