swimming, upcoming runs, shoes

This morning, I went to the gym and swam. I was very pleased with the workout. When I first got into the pool and was putting my goggles on when the strap broke. So my goggles were more or less useless. But instead of giving up right there, I still backstroked, scissor-kicked, and dog paddled 500 m in 25 minutes. And that was fantastic.

Tonight, I am picking up a friend’s dog. Her “people” are having a baby tomorrow and I’m taking care of the dog while they’re in the hospital. I’ve dogsat for them before and I’m looking forward to it- this dog is just oh so sweet. But this will be the first time dogsitting since I really increased my mileage and started running “hard core”. This dog is a mini schnauzer-mini poodle mix, pretty small and with short legs. Her speed works out fine- I’m slow and she’s slow, so we’re a perfect match. But since she’s smaller, she will need more “water breaks” than a larger dog. I’m also not real confident about taking her out on roads- she’d be fine on roads that are not frequently traveled, but it’s hard to find a decent running route that doesn’t cross at least one or two heavily traveled roads.

So I am looking for trails and paths that have water fountains and other water sources along the way for this week’s runs. It’s frustrating because honestly I am not a big fan of “hamstering” on a track, but that may be what I will be doing. Grr.

Also, I am toying with the idea of getting fitted for one of those expensive/fancy types of running shoes. Part of me likes the idea of getting nice shoes, but part of me is just really uncomfortable with spending that amount of money on a pair of shoes. But, I am more open to the idea than I was just a few weeks ago.