2 mile run, dog walking

I overslept today. It was frustrating. I WANT to be able to wake up early and run, but I am just fighting the night owl in me every day.

Luckily, even though it was a bit later, the weather was still quite pleasant outside. About 66 degrees and with a pleasant cool wind. I considered not running (since it WAS late), but I felt guilty for not running yesterday so I went anyway. I only ran a 2.5 mile loop, the same one I ran two days ago, and with the same amount of running- 2 miles of running plus a warmup and cool down.

I discovered that, when I’m not running from Mormons, that last quarter mile is HARD. I mean, the whole thing is hard, and I wind up doing a lot of mental coaching the whole time. But that last quarter mile- I turn the corner and I can see my “finish line”- and it’s just like I’m suddenly running with weights around my legs! It’s crazy!

But anyway, I survived that. After I got home, I picked up Sadie (the dog I’m dogsitting) and we went to a nearby park with a 1-mile trail around a lake. We walked it twice, and the weather was beautiful. Tons of grasshoppers, lovely breeze, beautiful day to be outside.

2.5 miles in 30min
2 miles in 40min