good run/bad run

This morning, I intentionally chose a route for my run that was very hilly. I know I need to build up my ability on hills.

About a half mile into the run, I ran into a chatty neighbor. She’s a sweetheart but she can seriously talk a mile a minute, and you can’t get a word in edgewise. I spent 5-10 minutes listening to her talk.

I continued on my way, but was frustrated by the interruption. My legs just weren’t working with me at all. I felt something on my right leg that I feared was the start of a shin splint. Everything just felt stiff and slow. I pushed and pushed, but it felt like I was pushing on a brick wall. Finally I made it home, tired and frustrated with what I was sure was a lousy run.

But after I got home, showered and cooled off, my legs felt tired, my calves felt sore, and I started thinking- maybe it was a good run after all. It was the kind of soreness that was good-sore, the kind that tells you the muscles are getting stronger. So maybe it was a good run after all, a hill run with lots of challenges but still a good run.

I also took the dog for one last walk. Tonight we took her home, so there will be no more dog walks for awhile. Too bad because she was a great encouragement to put in a couple of extra miles!

Total: 3 miles, 50 minutes
2 miles dog walking, 40 minutes

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