today’s run, 24 Hour Fitness

This morning I ran 3.05 miles in 50 minutes. Kudos to me for actually getting out of bed even though I did NOT feel like it!

I’m fighting a lot of burnout lately. I was thinking that my problem was pure burnout, getting tired of running and needing a different kind of workout. But today I realized, I may just be fighting exhaustion- not enough sleep, too much workout, and a general desire to shut down until I’ve slept enough! That’s encouraging because I can do something about that. Even though I know it won’t be easy to change my schedule, it’s easier than fighting through burnout!!!

I got the strangest/neatest phone call today. Apparently since I have posted several positive things about my gym (24 Hour Fitness) on Twitter and Facebook, they want to give me a free personal training session! I’m super glad about this, since I’ve been looking at adding weight training. I can’t afford to pay for personal training on my own- it’s expensive! But a free session once in awhile is fantastic!

I really do love that gym. Even on the days that I run outdoors or do stretches at home, I’m so thankful for what they gave me- the push I needed to get into shape and be healthy!