food, exercise, and blogging

I am a runner. However, I have NOT significantly changed my diet since I began running, other than trying to drink more water.

Do I eat a healthy diet? Sort of. I eat some fruits and vegetables, and not a ton of processed foods, though probably not as much or as few as I should. But I do eat a diet that is reasonably close to “balanced”. And for now, I’m okay with that.

Today I came across this Marie Claire article making waves in the blogosphere. I do not read Marie Claire regularly. However, this particular article makes several very good observations of six very dangerous blogs. These “Big Six” bloggers dabble with disordered eating on a daily basis. They exercise a lot, eat very little, and do not allow themselves to enjoy their food.

These bloggers are playing with fire, and they WILL get burned. Many of their readers have already been burned. They are choosing to sacrifice “normal” behavior and healthy eating for a skinny facade that they will never achieve. They are literally dying to be skinny. They may not be dying as quickly as a severe anorexic, but with every day of too-small meals and too much exercise, they’re taking days off of their lives.