running, shoe saga, and fear

I feel a little bit like I’m whining about this, but choosing my running shoes is a REALLY HARD decision for me!

I guess, when I first decided to start running, I just never considered the shoes. I didn’t really think about anything but running.

Now I’m replacing shoes and I’m just struggling struggling struggling to choose the right pair. There’s the expensive specialty running shoes, which would cost around $100 but would probably be really comfortable. Then there’s the department store shoes like the ones I’ve worn so far, which would cost $40-$60. I haven’t had an injury. (yet? knock on wood!) They’re not UNcomfortable, though I suppose they could be more comfortable.

I guess that price is just a major sticking point for me. I don’t mind the initial investment, but I’m really afraid that I will need to spend $100 every three to six months on new shoes. I don’t earn that much money!

Maybe part of it is fear. I’ve always owned at least 1 pair of sneakers to use for the random hike or game or whatever, but this would be RUNNING shoes. Buying those shoes means I’m a RUNNER.

I’ve never stuck with an exercise program that is this intense for this long. What if I can’t do it? What if I quit?

I’ve never been a runner. I was the non-athlete who wore thick glasses and was more comfortable in a chemistry lab than on an athletic field. I looked totally out of place in a P.E. class. I think hate is a strong word, but that comes pretty close to describing how I felt about P.E. I was the slowest, weakest student in class. I dreaded the physical fitness tests because those were the only tests I could not pass. I’ve never been any kind of athlete at all.

If I buy the running shoes, that means I’m a runner.


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  1. Girl, you’re a runner! Get the shoes and feel the difference. Check out or find a pair that you like in the store then find them cheaper online.

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