yesterday’s intervals, today’s run

I totally forgot to blog my run yesterday!

I wound up working out on the treadmill and it was actually a pretty great run! The treadmill proved to be perfect for maintaining a tougher pace for a minute or two- at least for me, psychologically, it just works better.

I ran a total of 4.23 miles in 65 minutes– 65 minutes of hard running, and I’m feeling stronger for it!

Then today, I decided to run a neighborhood loop that is fast becoming one of my favorites. I rolled out of bed, threw on my clothes, and hit the road. But I quickly discovered that my legs were just not cooperating at all. I was going slowly, feeling awful, and just thoroughly discouraged. It wasn’t until almost the very end of my run, as I began to slow down, that I realized that my quads and glutes were SORE, probably from yesterday’s hard run, and no wonder I was having so much trouble!

So today’s total: 3.05 miles in 52 minutes. I’m rather surprised by how much my mind was disconnected from my body. I was totally unaware of the soreness in my legs. I don’t think it was in a bad way- I mean, soreness pain is totally different from injury pain. But it’s phenomenal, to me, how I was out running (and even being discouraged) and it just  never dawned on me that the problem was in my legs.

Tomorrow I want to try heading to the gym and circuit training again. Of course, it may get cut short and turned into a “light workout” day, and quite possibly Friday will be a rest day. But I’ll try nonetheless. This is too much fun to stop.

One thought on “yesterday’s intervals, today’s run”

  1. Keep up the great work, melinda! You’ve got a great blog and I love hearing about your progress- its very motivational 🙂
    Ps, I vote yes, get running shoes. Being a “runner” isn’t above acheiving a specific level of fitness, but rather a measure of commitment. By prioritizing this challenging thing we call running into your life you make it part of who you are- that is a great accomplishment! You are a runner!

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