the one mile wall

Mental wall, that is.

I went out for a run this morning and realized, for me, there is something really strange about the one mile mark. I can run a mile relatively easily, but once I pass that mile, it’s like my legs have been dipped in concrete. Suddenly it’s hard to keep going. Suddenly my mind is rebelling against continuing for a single step more.

If you’ve run even a little bit before, you know that running is incredibly mental. I know, intellectually, that I have trained and worked hard and that my body is physically prepared to run 3.1 miles. But mentally, emotionally, my mind is rebelling against that.

I’m determined to break through this wall. I want to run farther. I want to keep pushing myself.

Today I ran 2.93 miles in 46 minutes. Tomorrow- anything’s possible.

2 thoughts on “the one mile wall”

  1. not bad!! Yup, running is SO mental. I probably look insane when I do this, but when I start to think in a negative way, I just smile. Changes my whole attitude!! 😛

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