early morning run, hydration, 5k

Today I did yet another thing that I never imagined I would do. I rolled out of bed early (well, 6:45- that’s Sunday early!) and ran before church. Then I came home, showered, cleaned up and went to church.

One benefit of my crazy-early run- I was able to squeeze in a fantastic nap this afternoon!

Something else that turned out to be quite nice- my pace improved just a bit. I’ve been a bit stuck at 50 minutes for this particular (3.05 mile) neighborhood loop for awhile now. Today I pulled it off in 47 minutes. Yay!

I’m actually getting frustrated by my physical reaction at approximately the 1-mile mark. It’s like my whole body just quits on me. I’m theorizing many possibilities and how to get beyond that. The leading possibility, at this point, is probably that I’m getting dehydrated, with the mental challenge coming in a close second. The other, less likely, possibility that I’ve found is that I may be depleting my glycogen reserves.

I am debating a stop at Dick’s Sporting Goods to pick up a handheld water bottle holder (like this). I can get the same bottle holder on Amazon.com for $5 cheaper, though, so that’s probably how I will get it. Until then I’ll just have to grip the water bottle with my hands.

Did I mention that I’m running a 5k next Saturday? It will be the 5k associated with the Waddell and Reed Kansas City Marathon. I’m nervous and excited. Mostly nervous! I looked up the route and looked at an elevation map, and the first mile is pretty much all gradually uphill. I’m not good at uphills! The last two miles are basically all downhill or flat, but that one mile uphill is pretty scary!

Total: 3.05 miles in 47 minutes