pre-pre-pre race jitters?

I’m having a minor freak-out tonight.

I will be racing in less than four and a half days.

On my last race (the Kansas City Zoo Run 2010), I didn’t actually sign up for the race until the morning of the race. Though it cost more to register on the morning of the race, I suspect that did a lot for me psychologically. I didn’t KNOW for sure if I would be running the race until the night before.

Not this time. This time, I’ve paid for it. I’m in it all the way. No backing out now.

Four and a half days. Two more training runs. One more visit to the gym, where my awesome trainer Caitlyn just today introduced me to the foam roller.

Four and a half days.


One thought on “pre-pre-pre race jitters?”

  1. I always get nervous before races then I always ask myself why? I mean I’m not racing to get first place or prize money, I’m really only racing against myself! I still freak out even after I try to reason it out. Enjoy race day, it’s a great feeling and there will be lots of fellow runners and DM-ers out there to support you!

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