pre-race thoughts

I wrote this before the race this morning, in the car, on my Blackberry.

It’s odd. I’m not really nervous. Tired, for sure- I’m not used to waking up this early.

It’s kinda neat to be out before the sun rises. The weather is supposed to be kinda warm today but it’s actually fairly cool outside without sunlight.

It doesn’t really seem real. I know, rationally, how far I’m going to run, but the little distances on the map don’t seem like 3.1 miles.

I wonder how many people will be there. People actually make me nervous. I know already that I’m not a very fast runner, and I don’t like seeing other people there who are faster. It’s hard enough to not compare myself to others, I guess, without actually running next to them. I don’t mind the slow runners- it’s the fast ones that I find unnerving.

I wonder if the sun will be in our eyes. Good thing I remembered to bring sunglasses.

I guess I really just don’t have much to say this morning. I’m out of words. It just all seems unreal. I know it will be VERY real to me once I start running. But right now it’s not. It’s almost kinda pleasant.