the run that almost wasn’t

Wow, what a day!

I was exhausted this morning. I am just not a morning person, and especially on the Monday after a race weekend. This morning I was scheduled to visit my trainer, Caitlyn, at 24 Hour Fitness, just for a quick chat and maybe to show me a few new stretches. (And she wasn’t charging me! Have I mentioned that 24 Hour Fitness has just the best trainers?) Anyway, I slept right through my alarm. At 9:15, my phone rang, and it was my trainer. She said that basically all of her appointments for the afternoon had cancelled so she was going home. Okay… no problem with me. For one thing, she wasn’t charging me, so I wasn’t “loosing” anything. I know I’ll see her around the gym in the next few days/weeks, and she’ll talk to me and help me out as much as she can. And for another thing, I’d already slept through my alarm and was just totally “off”. So, no big deal.

Like I said, I felt “off”, and I just had no desire to go running. So I got up and headed out to run an errand- taking some books back to the library and picking up some new books. When I left the library, I pulled out my Blackberry and discovered I’d received three messages from my friend Jessica– on twitter, a comment on this blog, and a comment on DailyMile. There was a real light rain coming down, the weather felt GREAT, and… I was inspired. It wasn’t too late to run, it was so pleasant outside, and a run just sounded like fun. I went home, changed my clothes, and headed out.

Even then, my run proved to be far better than I’d expected. Now admittedly, I ran on a flat-as-a-pancake course which is absolutely no good for building endurance on hills!  But it’s a great course for when I need a reminder of how far I can run. Originally my goal was just to get out and run, nothing too hard, maybe two and a half miles? But as I got into it, I realized this would be a fine day to start Bridge to 10k, meaning I needed to run 10min and walk 1min, four times. I actually did not run/walk “exactly” ten minutes or one minute. I just cannot keep looking at my watch and keep running. So it wound up being more like “about” ten minutes or one minute. But I did it- and I felt so good, I threw in a fifth round of 10min just for the fun of it!

Total? I ran a total of 4.2 miles in 60 minutes. I’m absolutely delighted by this fantastic run. I feel more and more like anything is possible!