today’s run and tomorrow’s run

Today’s run was actually really bad in a really good way.

This morning, I was just stressed and upset over a lot of issues in my life, and though I had hoped to do week two, day two of Bridge to 10k, it just wasn’t happening. It turned into a standard (boring) run a little, walk a little run.

Surprisingly, though, my pace was quite good. I did a very hilly route and put out 3.05 miles in 00:45, which is a great time.

Now I’m debating what I want to do for tomorrow’s exercise. Since today’s “run” was really pretty easy, I could realistically do another run tomorrow- maybe an official w2d2, or w2d3, of b210k. Of course, then that will throw me off for Friday- I’ll do some weights or something then- but I can run again on Saturday. I know I’m capable of that.

At this point it’s really more of a matter of where I want to run. The flat-as-a-pancake route is really good for my self confidence, but I also know I need to do plenty of hill training. Choices! I guess this is a good problem to have. Tomorrow will be a better day. I’ll make it better! 🙂