dog walking

I was going to go to the gym this morning, but I got there and discovered I’d forgotten my gym card. Rats! So, I went straight over to pick up my friend’s puppy, Sadie, and took her for a walk.

Sadie and I walked 4 miles together, which (mostly) felt great. I’m fighting a little stiffness and a sore hip, but nothing feels injured. I suspect that by walking Sadie, I’ve inadvertently increased my mileage quite a bit, and that’s causing my muscles to adjust. That’s a good thing overall, even if the soreness is mildly irritating.

No running today, although towards the end of my walk with Sadie, I was tempted to break out in a slow jog. Since I ran and walked so much yesterday, I knew I wanted to take it a bit easy today.

This weekend should be a bit chaotic. My sister is flying into town tonight and will stay for the weekend. I’m not sure how that will affect my plans to work out on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday (while she’s here). I may not have any chance to work out, which is okay- I can adjust to that. But hopefully I will at least get in one or two runs!