foam roller, bicycle, dog walking

Well, I overslept today, and when I began I just felt a little “off”. I went to the gym, warmed up and cooled down on the treadmill, and put in 20 minutes on a recumbent bike, which turned out to be great. At first I was bored, but then I realized that since my upper body was more or less stationary, I could pull out my blackberry and catch up on emails. That really made the time fly.

I also sandwiched the time with foam roller sessions. That was a pretty painful adventure! I am figuring out more and more than I think a lot of the soreness I feel is just due to tight muscles. But I’ll keep at it with the foam roller and hopefully it will get better soon.

I also picked up Sadie the super puppy and took her on a LONG walk! 5.8 miles! I included a few bursts of running, and overall had a great time. What a tough little dog!