the best-laid plans…

Last night, I had these big plans for a long run. I mapped the route and practically planned every step of it.

As happens so often with the best-laid plans…

I woke up this morning and I was just like, no way. I was laying in bed and thinking, I can’t do it. I’m too tired and my mind just isn’t in it today.

I got out of bed and put on the running clothes I’d laid out the night before. I went over to Sadie’s house and picked her up, and she and I went for a walk- only 2 miles.

See, I also “set myself up to fail”. I’ve done this before- it’s a mind game that somehow works for me. I filled my water bottle and left it in the car. Once I got moving with Sadie, the gym didn’t sound so bad. It wasn’t the road race I’d planned, but I could still go to the gym and put in a few miles.

So, after I took Sadie home, I did go to the gym. I’m incredibly pleased with how my body is responding to the foam roller- my muscles are feeling better and better. But once I got on the treadmill- ugh. My right hip just didn’t feel right, and it wasn’t getting better after a few minutes of running. I wound up cutting the run short, at 10 minutes and 0.5 miles, to protect my hip. Can’t afford an injury!

I’ll try again tomorrow. Hopefully tomorrow morning will work better for me.