long, slow, cold run and dog walking

Today was the day of the long, slow run. I woke up early and cuddled under a blanket in my recliner while I watched the news and ate breakfast. It was COLD outside and thus cooler inside. I ate breakfast and, I admit, I toyed with the idea of staying indoors!

But, I did not. I put on my exercise clothes- including, today, a LONG sleeved t-shirt, which proved to be good for the cool air! I braved the cold and ran. I ran quite a long distance- 5.5 mph in 1:30. That’s a nice slow pace for a nice long run. Quite satisfying!

I came home, grabbed my car keys, and left so I could stop at the gym to use their foam roller. UGH, what a difficult day! Lots of muscle knots, very uncomfortable! I was planning to head straight from the gym to Sadie’s (the puppy’s) house so I could pick her up and take her for a walk. But, I must confess, I was SO hungry that I stopped at a convenience store for a donut! I guess that’s a long enough run that I need to start finding ways to carry fuel with me.

Once I had food in my stomach, I picked up Sadie and we went to the park, where we walked 4 miles together. It started out pretty well, but by the last mile, my legs were so sore from my earlier run that I was really struggling!

Now, home sweet home and I’m resting my legs. I am just thoroughly EXHAUSTED. Tomorrow will definitely be a non-running gym day. After that… who knows. Intervals maybe? I don’t know… first sleep, I will deal with the next workout after that!