burnout, dog walking

I must be fighting burnout. I’m just struggling so much to run lately, and it frustrates me to no end. Why is it that I can run two and a half miles on a treadmill or track with relative ease, but stick me on a regular street and suddenly I can barely survive a half mile? Even when the street is flat like a track… ackkk!!!

I set out today and wound up cutting my run short. I got almost a mile and a half out when I was hit by an allergy attack and a turned around. 2.85 miles total. But it wasn’t just the allergies. My mind just wasn’t in it. Grr.

I picked up Sadie and we went for a walk- 2.88 miles. I love walking with Sadie. It’s so much easier than when I’m trying to push myself during a run.

Here’s some Sadie love for you!