yoga and dog walking

I’ve been dog walking all week. I’m walking her 4 miles every day- that dog is good for me. But I must confess I’ve been slacking off this week.

Today I took my first-ever yoga class, and I was really impressed. I was somewhat concerned that it would be an hour of sitting around and “om”-ing to find “inner peace” or whatever spiritual mumbo jumbo they might want to tie in. I’m not interested in yoga for the spiritual side. I’m interested in the physical benefits- flexibility, strength, balance.

Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised. The class was hard, but the focus was entirely on the physical. Lift this, lower that, don’t forget to breathe. I liked the atmosphere (they dimmed the lights). I liked exercising barefoot. I liked “unplugging” from my blackberry for an hour.

My only “disappointment” is that there are not that many yoga classes around my area, and it will be hard to be able to get into class more than once a week. But I plan to look up some online classes and other information to find yoga things that I can continue at home. It probably wouldn’t be as intense as a “professional” class but I definitely can see benefits in balance and flexibility!