a great run, yoga

Sadie the super-puppy, preparing for takeoff!

I actually had a really good morning today. I overslept but still managed to run two miles before I picked up Sadie and walked 3 miles with her. It felt good to get out and run- I can’t explain it but if you’re a runner, you will know what I mean!

I am really proud of this picture of Sadie that I took this morning. I love having my cell phone camera but, let’s be honest- it’s not the fanciest camera in the world! Add to that we were running, plus I was trying to stay ahead of her to keep my shadow out of the picture (though you can still see my arm!) and… it wasn’t easy! But it’s a fantastic photo, I think!

Tomorrow morning, I am debating getting up really early to go to an early yoga class. I am not keen on getting up early, but I think I just might do it just to have a chance to work with a different teacher. Plus, the Friday class that I went to last week will be cancelled this week due to the holiday, and I really would like to get in at least one yoga class this week.