yoga and dog walking

It’s been a strange day. I woke up EARLY- 4:30am- to go to a yoga class at my gym at 5:30 am.

I got dressed and went out to my car. I was VERY surprised by how cold it was outside! around 28 degrees! I know, it’s November, what do I expect? But it’s still been one of the coldest days of the season thus far, and of course it was even colder since it was still nighttime and still dark outside.

My car was covered in a thin layer of frost, so for the first time this year, I had to scrape the windows clean. That proved to be very annoying! The frost clung to the window quite stubbornly, and once I started making progress with the frost, I began to have trouble with the windows fogging up on the inside. After plenty of scraping and running the windshield wipers, I finally cleaned off enough frost that I felt like I could drive (but barely! I was pretty cautious for those first couple of blocks!).

Sidenote: 4:30am is an interesting time. When I went outside, it was so calm and serene. It was cold, but it felt almost… crystalline. Like there was some kind of fragile beauty trapped in the air. It was incredibly silent- none of my other neighbors were out. The only light came from the streetlight. The houses were all dark. It was just such an incredible moment, trapped in a little bubble, and if I breathed I might accidentally blow it away.

Anyway, I went to a yoga class at 5:30 am at my gym. It was EARLY but I actually really enjoyed it. It was just such a nice day to start the day! I honestly wish that my gym had one of these classes EVERY morning. I just might get out of bed early every day to go to this class.

After that class, I went over to my friends’ house to pick up their dog. Sadie and I went for a long 4-mile walk. It was definitely very “crisp” outside, but it felt nice and we had a wonderful time together.

I came home, showered, and sat down to work. I was actually planning to take a nap when I got home but I just felt so good and wide awake that I never bothered to nap! I love it when I wake up early. I always get so much done, and today was no exception!

I still haven’t decided what my exercise schedule will be for the upcoming holiday. Lots of my friends are running “virtual” Turkey Trot 5ks, and part of me would like to do that. But the other part of me just wants to sleep in and relax! I am just taking it loose and will see what the next few days bring. The weather is also supposed to be frigid-cold, which might be one more factor encouraging me to stay home!