weird long day

What a weird day.

I woke up super-early for a 60-minute yoga class. It was peculiar… when I woke up, I was totally questioning my choice to wake up. During the class, I was telling myself I would not wake up early just to come and struggle to bend and stretch like this again. But after the class, I was totally jazzed and very glad that I’d woken up for it!

There were two girls in the class today who were YOUNG and ANNOYING. They had to have been 18 to have memberships, but they couldn’t have been much older than that. They were supposed to be quiet and concentrating, but instead they were whispering and giggling. They only made a half-hearted effort to accomplish the poses. Suffice it to say, I was irritated.

After the class, I decided to walk on the treadmill for a little while- 1.05 miles in 20:16. Even after the yoga class, my muscles were still fighting and struggling to relax.

I went over to Sadie’s house and picked her up. It was chilly this morning, so I presented her with an early Christmas present:

a hoodie sweatshirt to keep her warm!

Now, I have to interject here that it was COLD. This photo turned out to be not very good because I was so cold, I could barely stand to take off my glove! Admittedly it could have been a lot worse- it was around 25-30 degrees¬†Fahrenheit- but my blood just hasn’t “thickened up” yet!

We also saw this at the park:

a band of Thanksgiving escapees!

This is our local “herd” of wild turkeys. We see them every now and then along the side of the highway or in parks. It probably helped that it was 7:30 am- they hadn’t been scared away by people yet.

I actually had a really pleasant morning. After I worked out and cleaned up, though, I decided to run “a few” errands, which turned into “a lot of” errands”, which turned out to be a mistake. I was just too physically exhausted and I overdid it- plus I neglected to eat as soon as I should have! At 2:00pm, I was hit with a bought of stomach cramps and general exhaustion, so I came home and went back to bed. But it wasn’t until I’d gotten some food in my stomach that I really started feeling better. So, that was too bad because I didn’t get as much done as I would have liked, but I still got quite a bit done today, and tomorrow will be a new day. Hopefully it goes better!