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Last night, I went to bed, maybe feeling a little sore but mostly feeling good.

This morning, I woke up and started to sit up. But my abdominal muscles were like, “I don’t think so!” I was hit with the most unbelievable bout of sore abs, sore quads, and sore glutes. I managed to drag myself out of bed and took Sadie on a 4-mile walk.

Walking Sadie gives me plenty of time to think, and lately one of the things I’ve thought about a lot has been yoga. I enjoy it, and I’m even sore from it. But not long ago, I also found this article from the blog of Albert Mohler, a major Southern Baptist leader, questioning yoga among Christians. And it bothers me. A lot.

Mohler writes: Most (Christians) seem unaware that yoga cannot be neatly separated into physical and spiritual dimensions.

I am a Christian, and I happen to practice yoga. I do not believe it harms my spirituality at all. In fact, I think yoga enhances it. Yoga is a time when I can challenge my body. It’s also a time when I am totally unplugged. My blackberry is off. I’m not answering emails. I’m not behind a computer. For that hour, I can totally focus on praying and worshiping God.

I understand that yoga has its origins in Hinduism, but I don’t practice “spiritual” yoga. I don’t “om” or chant or try to make contact with the divine. I just focus on myself and my body. I think it’s a huge mistake to condemn every type of yoga or every person who practices yoga. That’s akin to saying that “everyone who sleeps in on Saturday morning doesn’t care about their fitness”. It’s true that some people who sleep in on Saturday morning don’t care about their fitness, but there are many other people with many other reasons for sleeping in who care very much about being fit.

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  1. yeah I agree! I don’t think that practicing yoga will harm your spirituality. I think it’s a great way to calm the mind and “be one with yourself.”

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