yoga, dog walking, computer virus

The past couple of days have been CRAZY, and not entirely in a good way.

My computer got a virus- it slipped right past my antivirus. So that was very scary and stressful, and I spent a long time cleaning it up. But it seems to be okay now.

Yesterday I took Sadie out for 3 miles; today we only walked 2 miles, as it’s VERY cold outside!

This morning I also got up early for a yoga class. This class- Tuesday mornings at 5:30am- is becoming a peculiar favorite for me. Every time I wake up, I groan and moan and wonder why I’m doing this when I could still be in bed. And after every class, I’m glad I went. Honestly, after yoga my muscles feel wonderfully loose, almost like jello, and I love that.

I’m debating which half marathon I should train for- Rock the Parkway or Hospital Hill. Or the Olathe Half. Honestly I really wish I could afford a proper running “coach”, to help me really get a good grasp on training runs and paces. But I am afraid that will continue to be off in the future for me. For now I’m just doing all I can to continue training in spite of the cold weather!

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  1. I think the Rock the Parkway one sounds pretty cool, and it starts at 7.30 where the others start at 7! You get a whole extra half hour of sleep :P. And it’s sooner too, I’m sure you won’t need more then 4-5 months to prepare for it?

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