choosing a half marathon training plan

I walked 4 miles with Sadie today, and it was good. The weather was perfect, the sun was shining… the lake in the park where we usually walk was almost entirely frozen over… it was just really perfect.

I also found out a couple more things about my spring schedule. My mom’s school will be hosting a 5k on April 9, which I will definitely be running- more info on that later. So I’m (tentatively and nervously) going to commit to run the Rock the Parkway half marathon. Eek! 13.1 miles sounds so long!

So, that brings me to my new challenge: choosing a training plan. To a degree, all of the training plans are very similar. However, at this point, I’m not going to choose a training plan that includes any large amount of tempo or speedwork, as I’m still trying get my mind and my body wrapped around the whole idea of running. Not to mention my pace stinks! Here’s what I’ve found so far:

Cool Running– includes some hills and fartleks. I don’t love ’em but I definitely need to practice hills.

Runner’s World, designed by Jenny Hadfield– about as basic as it gets. Might be good to keep it simple.

Jeff Galloway– pretty simple but it also includes some “magic miles”, which is a variation of pacing.

All of these build their plans around the weekly long run. I need to decide what day of the week I will be doing that long run. These all include the long run on Saturday or Sunday, but my job is flexible enough that I will probably do my long run during the week and adjust the schedule accordingly. The hard part is choosing a day for the long run and sticking with it!

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