my split personality

Today I went to the gym and ran two miles in 30 minutes on the treadmill. It was a fantastic workout, in spite of myself. I followed it up with 4 miles with Sadie.

I have discovered my two personalities, I think. First, there is the healthy me. She is the one who wants to get healthy and stay healthy. She often shows up during a post-workout runner’s high or in the evening, when I am relaxing and enjoying a satisfyingly worn-out feeling in my legs. She is the one who thinks a half marathon would be a lot of fun and is not afraid of the training!

Then, there’s my evil twin. She often tries to sabotage my workouts. She shows up anytime I set my alarm for an early workout, reminding me that I could go back to sleep if I skip my workout or at least make it shorter. During my workouts, she encourages me to slow down or stop. I don’t much care for her!

This morning, Evil Twin was raging. I was sooo tempted to stay in bed, and even after I got up, it took me a little while before I could convince myself to go to the gym. But once I got out, once I got to the gym and got on the treadmill, Healthy Me came out and it was really pretty good! I warmed up, then I ran an easy mile- and amazingly, it WAS pretty easy! Around the end of that mile, my ankle started acting up (from my almost-injury earlier this week), so I slowed down to a walk for a few minutes. I tried to start running again, but I wasn’t able to go more than a half-mile before my ankle was acting up again. So I walked a little more, cooled off, and left. Overall this was a great workout. It just felt great. Hopefully tomorrow will also be this good!