long Sunday run

I am amazed by the exhausted feeling in my legs now. Definitely a good thing- it’s just incredible to me!

This afternoon, I was bored, so I went to the gym. That alone is remarkable. But once I was at the gym, I got on the treadmill, and I ran- and ran- and ran.

Technically I began by walking for 5 minutes. But then I ran for 25 minutes- two solid miles. Plus 5 minutes walking to cool down.

It was hard. 20 minutes into the run, I really started questioning myself. I was terribly tempted to slow down. But I made it, a full 25 minutes, and I’m perfectly delighted by that. It’s gotten so much easier. Not that it is “easy” to begin with, but somehow, it’s a lot easier now for me to run a mile than it used to be. I know, that’s an incredibly obvious statement- but, it’s kind of a marvel to me.

Of course, I was running on the treadmill at a 0% incline. So, I suppose my next goal is running (either on or off of the treadmill- it will depend a lot on the weather!) on a hilly route. Some runners enjoy the challenge of hills. I’m not one of them!

I also need to figure out some more cross training ideas. Now that I’m getting more into my training, I need to include more cross training- probably weights, yoga, maybe some stationery biking or elliptical.