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five outdoor miles

The good news is, I made it outside. And, I ran a decent number of miles. I did not, unfortunately, manage to run the number of miles I planned- I was originally hoping to do 6 or 7 miles, and … Continue reading

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so frustrated!!!

Dear blog, I’m so frustrated. I really, seriously, wanted to run outdoors this morning. I wanted to do a long run- six or seven miles, maybe? I had really good and honest intentions. But this morning, I woke up, cuddled … Continue reading

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yoga and long runs

*edit: wrote this yesterday morning, just discovered it wasn’t published* This morning, I went to my Tuesday early morning yoga class. As usual, it felt great. I’ve been fighting a tight hamstring, so stretching was really good for it. Tomorrow … Continue reading

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happy outdoor thoughts and Boston trails

In honor of being trapped indoors, here’s a more OUTDOORS article for you… My sister lives near the Charles River in Boston, and recently New Balance pledged to clear the snow from the paths along that river. I’m actually a … Continue reading

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long runs and fast runs

The past week really has been good. I’ve done a reasonable amount of runninglo and a fantastic amount of cross training. My biggest concern in training for a half marathon has been doing the needed weekly long runs, particularly when … Continue reading

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post basketball follow up

Last week, I posted my views on team vs. individual sports in preparation for a visit to a basketball league that I *may* want to join. First of all, the people at this basketball league couldn’t have been nicer. I … Continue reading

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team vs. individual sports

I have never really been a fan of team sports. I suppose that’s just my personality. When I was in high school, I played tennis. After high school, I swam to stay fit. Today, I opt for running- all individual … Continue reading

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my first-ever spin class

This morning, I got out of bed early and went to a spin class at 5:30 am. This class was taught by the same gal who teaches the yoga classes I love, and since I missed yoga earlier this week … Continue reading

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yesterday, a revelation

Yesterday afternoon, I managed to squeeze in some time to run. It was great- I was talking to a few of my runner friends on Twitter, which reminded me that I hadn’t worked out in a week, and I thought, … Continue reading

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the weather is working against me!

We got snow today- lots of it! With so much snow on the ground, there’s no way I can go to the gym. The roads are a mess! Plus it’s too cold for me to run outside. The weather people … Continue reading

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