yesterday, a revelation

Yesterday afternoon, I managed to squeeze in some time to run. It was great- I was talking to a few of my runner friends on Twitter, which reminded me that I hadn’t worked out in a week, and I thought, hm, I should go for a run this afternoon. So I did!

I went to the gym, of course- the temps were LOW and I don’t have adequate cold weather running gear for that! After I warmed up, I cranked the treadmill up to 6mph (10:00 pace). Since I ran that pace earlier this year, I figured I would do it again.

Well, I paid for that week off. When I ran 6mph earlier this year, even then, it was a stretch- I could do it but after about 9 minutes, I was barely hanging on. Yesterday, after a half mile (5 minutes), I was done in. I slowed down to a walk and recovered.

But then, I had my revelation. After I’d walked a few minutes, I increased my pace, but this time I only increased it to 5mph (12:00 pace). And for a couple of minutes, it felt SLOW.

I know this probably doesn’t make sense to most of you, but for me, this is huge. Up until now, I’ve had zero pacing ability. My running pace was only slightly faster than my walking pace. Now, I still don’t really have any pacing ability away from the treadmill. I still need to practice pacing without having a belt beneath me to choose my speed. And you know, even after a few minutes at 5mph, I still got tired. But for just a few minutes, I felt like I was running slowly- like I still had it in me to go faster.

And that’s just pretty cool.