post basketball follow up

Last week, I posted my views on team vs. individual sports in preparation for a visit to a basketball league that I *may* want to join.

First of all, the people at this basketball league couldn’t have been nicer. I felt welcomed and I enjoyed being with them.

However, I remember now why I hated  basketball when I was younger! I am not the most coordinated person, so it’s a challenge to remain light on my feet while also catching, passing, and shooting a basketball with my hands. I am not the most aggressive person, so it’s hard for me to “attack” the ball or steal it from other players. But most of all, I really dislike running back and forth across the court, at 100% effort! I run one direction, and I’ve barely made it to the other side before I have to turn around and run in the other direction. And of course, you have to be fast, because you have to be the first one to get there so that you will be the first to catch the rebound.

It’s not that teams are awful, but I like standing on my own (in a manner of speaking) in a foot race. When I’m running, I “partition” my energy by only running at a fraction of my effort, which in turn enables me to run farther. Also, running and then stopping and running again is a classic interval, which is fine for occasional training but not something I enjoy every day!

So, I’m not joining the basketball league. I’m focusing on running with the goal of a half marathon this spring. Perhaps another half marathon at the beginning of summer. Perhaps also a marathon in the fall. Perhaps more 5ks, 10ks, personal records- who knows?