long runs and fast runs

The past week really has been good. I’ve done a reasonable amount of runninglo and a fantastic amount of cross training. My biggest concern in training for a half marathon has been doing the needed weekly long runs, particularly when the weather outdoors is so disagreeable, and this week I think I may have at least partially solved that problem.

My “big” day was last Wednesday. Originally I went to the gym with no extraordinary intentions. As of late, the gym has been quite packed with what I call the “New Year’s Crowd”- that group of people that makes a new year’s resolution to lose weight and/or exercise more, and buys a gym membership. Usually they give up within a couple of weeks- at most, they will disappear by mid-February. As a result, usually all the exercise machines (treadmills, ellipticals, bicycles, and so forth) are in high demand, therefore I can’t use a particular machine for more than an hour, tops. On Wednesday, though, they WEREN’T busy, and I was struck with the idea that I could try for a long run. So I did!! 5.3 miles in 1:19 (14:54 pace). I am incredibly pleased with this.

I followed that on Friday with a 2.65 mile run in 35 minutes (13:12 pace). I’m incredibly pleased with this also- it’s not as many miles but it’s a far better pace. However, I’m frustrated by the boredom of running on the treadmill, particularly when I’m just running (not breaking up my runs with segments of walking). It gets just oh so boring, and I have to fight fight fight to continue running! This mileage- 2.65 miles- is about the max that my brain can handle without a break. I hope I can continue to improve like this, though. I definitely want my pace to be much better!