trapped indoors for now

Snow snow snow…

With this much snow outside, I’m obviously not going to the gym and I am really not equipped well enough to run outdoors in this snow. I haven’t had a chance to run since last Friday, when the weather was a balmy 50 degrees (Fahrenheit) and I ran a smokin’ 8 miles outside. It was a phenomenal run, hard but also tons of fun, and great for reassuring me that I can run a 1/2 marathon in a few months. But after that, I took some time off to recover from that run- and suddenly I’m snowed in. I don’t mind missing a few days’ run, exactly- it’s nice to take a break. But if the weather forecast is accurate, I won’t be able to get out tomorrow either, and Thursday is questionable. Taking that much time off will definitely not play nicely with my training in general, so that’s frustrating.

But at the same time, I can’t do anything about it, and it really has been a pleasant couple of days at home…

One thought on “trapped indoors for now”

  1. Run back and forth in the house!! haha. I must say reading about you being snowed in gives me motivation to get outside and take advantage of the nice weather here. In comparison to you, I have absolutely no excuse not to run!!

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