exercise induced asthma

I’m really scared that I might have a touch of this.

I am not a chronic asthmatic. I do, however, have reasonably bad allergies and an extraordinarily mild form of asthma. I dealt with a bout of acute asthma in high school, precipitated by a cold, that caused scary shortness of breath every evening. I had another bout of acute asthma in college, precipitated by bronchitis, that caused scary shortness of breath all the time. Those were the only times in my life that I needed inhalers to treat the asthma.

But probably the scariest part of all is that I am not insured. I was in a car accident in high school that has gone down on my record as a “preexisting condition” that makes me high risk and uninsurable. Or, more technically, there is one type of insurance that I qualify for- a high risk state pool that would cost a minimum of $500 a month. Probably more. I never bothered to even apply for that particular policy because there is no way I can afford it. Right now I’m paying cash for dentist appointments, a visit to the eye doctor, and a year’s supply of contact lenses. Those cost $500 cash- in a year. Not a month.

So anyway. I’m struggling with running, with a continued out-of-breath feeling, and I’m so frustrated by it. I can’t help but wonder if it’s exercise induced asthma, and if it is, that means I need to see a doctor. And get a prescription. Not to mention, that will probably make it that much harder for me to qualify for insurance.

*sigh* So frustrating. I’m exercising regularly, eating healthy, all the things I’m supposed to be doing. So why am I having these problems?