long long run!

This morning, I went to the gym and ran. A lot. I ran a total of 8.26 miles in 2:10. On the treadmill! Now I’m tired but super super pleased.

I actually had to break up the run just a bit- I ran an hour, then went into the locker room and ate a banana (that I’d brought with me) and refilled my water bottle. Then I found a treadmill and started running again.

Yesterday I was at a grocery store and picked up a 4-oz tube of Udderly Smooth Udder Cream. I’ve had trouble with chafing between my thighs when I run longer than 45 minutes or so, and after much research I decided to start with udder cream. I suspect that any brand would work just fine- I chose Udderly Smooth because that’s what they had at the grocery store and it only cost $2. I have read about specialty products like Body Glide, and while I am sure that would work just fine, it is EXPENSIVE and I’d rather not spend so much money!

Today, prior to my run, I slathered the udder cream on my legs. (To non-runners, this is TMI. But to anyone who runs regularly, they know what I’m talking about!) I was surprised and pleased to discover that it WORKED, beautifully, and I had no chaffing problems at all!!

The run started out a little rough. It was a funny, totally mental thing… even though I was holding about the same pace as last Wednesday’s run, I felt like I was not going as fast. But about 45 minutes into it, I sorta found my groove, really focused on my music and was able to keep going.

The second hour was harder than the first hour. I was struggling and struggling to keep my pace, and honestly I didn’t succeed- my pace slipped just a bit. That’s frustrating, but I suppose that’s just an endurance thing and will improve with time.

My feet are quite sore after this. I have spots under the balls of both my feet where I can tell I have blisters developing. I suppose this means I need to buy new shoes, which is easy enough. Of course the hard part of this is WHICH shoes to buy. Remember, I just told you how I bought cheap Udder Cream instead of Body Glide! I really prefer buying the $30 shoes from Sears instead of the $100 or $150 shoes from the specialty running store. (This is usually the part where the running purists jump in and tell me how badly I need to buy the expensive shoes because they are so much better than the cheap ones. Sorry folks.)

Otherwise I’m actually surprised by my lack of soreness. My muscles are tired, my feet are sore, and I’m a bit stiff, but it is not NEARLY as bad as I anticipated! I will obviously take a day or two off to rest, but I’m pleased by this discovery. It means I’m getting stronger, and that’s a very good thing.

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