fuel, energy, hydration

No running today, but lots of rest! Recovering from yesterday’s 8-miler! 🙂

I went to the grocery store today and started looking for “fuel” foods. I am just really wondering if one reason the second hour of yesterday’s run was so hard was fuel (or lack thereof). All I had to eat was a banana- which is good, lots of potassium and vitamins, but quite low in carbohydrates- if I remember accurately, it’s somewhere around 75 calories.

I don’t really relish the idea of GU or other energy gels. I am not a hugely picky eater but I still am bothered by certain textures. I’m also not a fan of the texture of fruit chews like Sharkies. Sports drinks like Gatorade or Powerade will be the first and easiest step. However, other substitutes for GU are more elusive. Fruit (or dried fruit) may be okay, but it’s also somewhat lacking in certain respects. I’ve tried (and will try again) some carbo-loaded snacks like Teddy Grahams, but I can’t yet draw a conclusion on that. Honestly I’m not sure what else to try! Seems like it shouldn’t be so difficult!

One other issue I’m struggling to figure out is hydration. I like to drink water- a lot! Like, I can finish off 20 ounces in an hour. This isn’t a problem at all on the treadmill- since I’m more or less running in place, I can bring plenty of water bottles and never worry about running out. However, it’s much harder when I’m on the run and have to carry my water with me! I’m hoping that sports drinks will alleviate that, but this definitely calls for more running and more testing!