yoga and dog walking

I got up this morning for my early Tuesday yoga class. I do love this class. I always leave with pleasantly tired muscles.

The weather was nice enough outside that I was able to pick up Sadie and take her for a walk. The temperature has warmed up, but there was still snow on the ground and, in some spots, ice. On the path where we walk, there is a spot where it drops sorta steeply for a few feet, then rises again sorta steeply for a few feet. That area was covered in black ice. We were walking along, and got to that area, and PLOP- down I went. Since the path went down, I slid down to the lowest point. Then I spent several minutes struggling to climb back up the path. I fell so many times that I lost count. By the time it was all said and done, my sweats were damp and had several mud-spots. Sadie and I enjoyed our walk, but I cut us short at 3 miles. The farthest end of our path still had ice on it, and between that and my damp clothes, I figured I would not tempt fate!

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