skipped workouts, yoga, running

I have been baaaadddd this past week or so.

Mostly just not running or exercising at all… no real excuse, just that things got busy and I let it get to me.

This morning, since it’s Tuesday, I woke up early for my Tuesday yoga class. I had big plans of following my hour of yoga with at least 4 and possibly 8 miles on the treadmill, but I very quickly discovered a couple of things:

1)Running right after yoga is not so good. After yoga, my muscles are all jello-y and just do not want to participate in hard core aerobic exercise. I could maybe handle some light weight lifting, but after yoga, I need to remember to give myself a half hour or an hour to let my muscles fully recover.

2)I think I have lost some fitness. Not a lot- I mean, I’m nowhere near where I was before I started exercising regularly. I just need to do more intervals and speedwork to get my legs accustomed to working hard again. I’m still a teensy bit concerned about my long term stamina for the half marathon, but I need to focus on these “shorter” (as in, one hour or less) runs, not the longer (2-3 hours or more) runs right now.

So, I only wound up getting in two slow miles at the gym, then picked up Sadie for four more miles at the park. Nothing to sneeze at but also not as much as I’d hoped. For now I’m just focusing on staying awake (since I got very little sleep last night and did not have a chance for a nap today!).