10 miles and total exhaustion!

I am TIRED right now.

It has been a crazy day, busy crazy good. TONS of exercise! This morning I took the dog out for 2 miles. The park was PACKED because the weather was so nice, but it was still tons of fun.

Then this afternoon, I went for a run… a LONG run! Ten miles! It was NOT easy, even though it was fun. The first half (give or take) was easier than I expected. I arranged my route so that roughly halfway through the run, I was near a QuikTrip, where I stopped to buy a cold Gatorade. That required me to run (briefly) outside of a residential area into a more commercial area, and that was interesting- in that very short time, I received a surprisingly high number of catcalls. Towards the end, my feet HURT! a LOT! I seriously expected to find several blisters on both my feet, and was thoroughly surprised to find none.

There are so many things I saw and felt and experienced that I want to write down for you. But honestly, I am totally EXHAUSTED. I can barely keep my eyes open. So I’m going to head to bed, and hopefully tomorrow I will be able to write out all my thoughts. Until then- race on!